All Day Play

All Day Play

Members: $125.00  |  Non Members: $225.00 

Price covers admission for up to 20 guests (adults &  children over 12 months) – birthday parents and child(ren) are not counted in the 20 guests allowed            Extra guests (over the 20 allowed) are $5 each.

This package includes:

  • All day play in the museum
  • Private Party Room for 1 hour; each additional hour in the party room – $30
  • Tablecloths and tableware (cups, plates, napkins, utensils) – specific colors may vary on availability
  • A special goody bag for the birthday child
  • KACM Gift Shop coupon- 20% off/members, 10% off/non-members
  • 1 gallon of lemonade provided

You are welcome to arrive at any time during open museum hours.  If you come earlier than your hour in the party room, please be aware that your time in the party room is only for the hour that you have reserved it.  If you have ice cream or other things that must go in the freezer/fridge, please let the front desk staff know and they will put it in the freezer/fridge for you.  All other party supplies can be put on a cart and stored in the office for you until your time in the party room.

When you arrive, the Party Room will already be set up with the tablecloths, centerpieces, and tableware.  When your hour in the party room begins, you may get your supplies and start any additional decorating.  Families are welcome to bring their own decorations, however, we ask that you do not use tape to hang decorations on the walls.

We can announce over the intercom for all party guests to meet in the party room when you are ready.  Please remember that no outside food or drink, except cake and ice cream, is allowed unless the outside food fee has been added.  Please pick up the party room and leave it as it was found when you are finished.  If you are continuing to play after your time in the party room, we can store your party supplies in the office for you.

Party Add-Ons:

  • Outside Food Fee (excludes cake & ice cream) – $20.00
  • Large Pizza from Papa Johns – $20.00
  • Additional 1 Gallon Lemonade – $5.00
  • Additional Hour in the Party Room – $30.00

Still need to get a cake? Let us give you a slice of advice!

Get your custom cake through Ktown Cakery and get FREE DELIVERY to the museum. 

No mess, no worries! 

Ask us for more details.




If you have any questions or would like to reserve your party at the Kearney Area Children’s Museum, our Front Desk Staff will be happy to assist you:308-698-2228.