We need your help.

In times of uncertainty, kids need to play more than ever. Through play, kids often solve their problems and help bring order to their hearts and minds.

Since 1989, we’ve been that resource for Kearney’s kids. Over the years we’ve watched whole generations create imaginary worlds, build entire cities out of blocks, forge lasting friendships, and own their own tiny businesses, if even for an hour or two. And then, once they’ve grown up, those same kids have brought their own children to the museum because of the amazing memories they had created at the museum when they were kids. That is the power of play.

We know this time is hard for all of us. But if we work together, we can help our community’s place for play to be here for the next generation of children.

Why Support Us

  • As a local non-profit, we rely on ticket sales, memberships, and donations to operate. As we had to close during our busiest season, we lost a lot of income from these sources.
  • Our reopening measures have been keeping our families and stuff safe, however, they’re not enough to keep us financially stable.
  • We are Kearney operated and supported. We have the best interests of our community and your children at heart.

The staff and board members can't imagine Kearney without the children's museum, but we know that without the community coming together, that could be a real possibility.

Would you consider joining us? Through your thoughtful donation during our most difficult time, we can rebound and continue to bring joy and playful learning for generation to come.

Thank you for your support.

Support us today.