Little Sprouts Outdoor Classroom

The Little Sprouts Outdoor Classroom gives children and families the opportunity to experience nature and agriculture, together. In this exhibit, families will learn about the benefits of biodiversity including community resiliency and environmental sustainability in ways that will have a lasting impact on their understanding of and connection to our environment, our agricultural community and the world around us. Children have a variety of learning styles, including, auditory, visual and kinesthetic or tactile learning. We recognize the need to offer experiences that address the full range of our visitors’ learning styles. This outdoor classroom is designed to address these needs by providing a space where children can become physically engaged with the learning process and interact with our natural surroundings. Children can smell the flowers, play in the sandbox and aggregate pit, and even have a picnic under our shelter. 

Renovations were made possible through funding provided by Greener Nebraska Towns, Monsanto, CPNRD, Union Pacific, and Dupont Pioneer. Exhibit work was completed by Patriot Gardens, Morton Buildings, Broadfoot Sand & Gravel, and volunteers.